Anti-Pop Consortium

Anti Pop Consortium "The Tragic Epilogue" anti pop recordings

Beans 12-inch "Nude Paper" mo wax

Scotty Hard "Kill Dog E." lp Wordsound records(cameo by Sayyid & Priest)

Diagonal Ryme Garganchulla 10"ep Black Hoodz records featuring the AntiPop Consortium produced by M.Sayyid

Isolationists lp Jazz Fudge records featuring DJ VADIM

Sha-key . Headnoddas Journey... lp imago records

Disorientation 12" anti-pop recordings intl.

Attica Blues 12 in remix 3ree

Subterranean Hitz "chase active" compilation lp wordsound

Ice lp produced by kevin martin Connected compilation 3-2-1 records...W/Shakey

Journey by DJ's Talkin'Loud

Studio K7 --------licensed -disorientation courtesy of Anti-pop Recordings

Anti-pop Consortium vol 1 & 2 self titled Anti-pop Recordings

Vernon Reid's "Mistaken Identity" on Sony 550

Alec Empire and Kevin Martin's "Curse of the Golden Vampire" on DHR Recordings