MC Paul Barman

Paul Nathaniel Barman grew up in the suburban splendor of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Even as a child he dreamed of being an architect of dialect.

Barman started rhyming in 1996, while attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Here this wayward Ivy-leaguer misspent his youth hanging out with Black Hoodz recording artists' Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MCs Wid Ghatz.

MC Paul Barman made his debut at a show called "Barmania" on May 15, 1997. His grandmother made a speech about him, his brother narrated a slide show about Rigewood, NJ, his father performed stand-up comedy and Paul headlined. To promote the show, he made an eight-song cassette, and sold over two hundred tapes out of his backpack for two dollars each.

A year later Househusband Records released "Postgraduate Work," which included the dusted yet intelligent "Enter Pan-Man" about a slimy recent college graduate who gets horn and hoof implants to become a marginal star, eventually retiring to Westchester as a bad dad with arthritis.

"Enter Pan-Man" caught the ears of left-field hip-hop producer Prince Paul, who offered Barman the chance to work on a project together. The result of their collaboration is It's Very Stimulating (WSEP003)

In addition to rhyming, Paul Barman is an accomplished doodler, whose doodles have appeared in the New York Times Book Review, Screw Magazine, and on his records. His puzzles have also appeared in Games Magazine. Barman currently hosts a radio show on WXDU-Durham.

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