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Detroit born and bred Philosophy Major, the son of a priest and an ex-nun, was classically trained on piano from age 5 and studied flamenco guitar at the del Gastor family-endorsed, Iberia Guitar. Recording everything from hip hop to acid rock to hardcore, Major has made a lifestyle out of pushing envelopes.

Philosophy Major co-founded the Dadaist think tank, LoveCraft Technologies, whose first release, Fantastic Voyage, received praise from such sources as XLR8R, A.P. and The Wire. His solo project, Hypnerotomachia, saw solid airplay, while garnering "best of 2003" from Perfect Sound Forever and Wreck the Mess. Seattle's The Stranger called it "impressive and ambitious," the laconic The Wire noted its "murky charm," while Brooklyn's Big Shot gave it "4 stars."

Divination Systems, recorded in Seattle and Chapel Hill, features performances from former LoveCraft Technologies members, Confuz and 9th Circle of Hell. With its ghostly vocals, dub-inflected grooves and homage to 60's psychedelia, Divination Systems scintillates with multi-chromatic, polyrhythmic explosions of sound that draw on hip-hop, Burroughsian paranoia and seventeenth century alchemy. Simultaneously dark, subversive and lyrical, Divination Systems is further evidence that some lights shine brightest at night.

Track Listing :

1) The Gods of Light and Anger Have No Names
2) Divination Systems (featuring Confuz)
3) My Rolling Blackouts
4) Green Rover (featuring 9th Circle of Hell and Confuz)
5) Behind the Ancient Cemetery
6) The Rubaiyat of Philosophy Major
7) Under the Mountains
8) Let's Begin
9) The Dream of a Red Chamber
10) En Tu Pecho (featuring Armand)
11) The Accidental Shooting of a Ghost Within a Dark House
12) Everything Is Going To Be Alright
13) Those From Outside Are Breaking Through
14) Sleepers Awake
15) Only As Directed
16) Call of Cthulu Suite:
      I. The Colour of Space
      II. Rats in the Walls
      III. The Music of Erich Zann
      IV. The Shadow Over Insmouth
      V. At the Mountains of Madness