Prince Charming

From the depths of the Hollywood jungle thunders a sub sonic rumble of bewitching bass; for Prince Charming the cinematic sorcerer has returned.

In 1996 WordSound Recordings released Prince Charming and his debut CD Psychotropical Heatwave (WSCD013) into the wild. Over the next ten years a radio tracking collar has traced the movements of the elusive creature over North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia - leading many cryptomusicologists to speculate that he has been kidnapped by pirates or has joined a flock of migrating monarch butterflies.

WordSound has recently obtained a collection of rare sonar maps that allegedly depict Prince Charming at repose in his hedonistic Hollywood habitat.

Behold Prince Charming au natural:

The Stranger: “Too weird and amorphous to fit snugly into any music-scene niche”
Gothic Beauty Magazine: “intriguing to say the least”
Resonance Magazine: “intoxicating confusion... shimmering synth-majesty”
San Francisco Bay Guardian: “Deep dub bass rumbles, clanging layers of
minimalist techno, ambient, and rock -- regular mindfuck stuff for anyone ready
to explore the outer bounds of collage experimentation”
Aiding and Abetting: “Is the appropriate reaction intellectual or visceral? Both, and that's where the genius lies. An ambush of epic proportions.”
Sleepbot: “’perverse’. As a whole, the tracks comprise a well-ordered cacophony
of devious beats.”

XLR8R: “angst with artful meandering”
Alternative Press: “The music barely makes sense, and it frequently threatens and teases to fall into chaos And yet somehow the Prince still manages to make
it all sound good.”

WTM-Paris: “A true ‘trip’, a festival of sonorities to the colors changeantes (drum-n-bass, ambient-noise, strange-dub,electronic-funk, post-latino, soul-jazz, néo-techno, trip hop minimalist, etc).”
Meta Upon Meta: “I have absolutely no idea how to review this album. I'm not even sure how to describe it... step right up. It may be a bumpy as hell ride, but when you get there, you'll be a better person for it.”
Semi Gloss: “Mixing the unusual and always doing the unexpected seem to be his only guidelines. His passion [is] to search and explore uncovered musical territory”
CMJ: ”Prince Charming ... is a wicked practitioner of deeply-emersed, bugged-out

BIKINI: “a vast aural spectrum with uncompromising and all encompassing hypnotic groove theory .... Any attempt to describe the nature of Charming’s sound structure via the usage of selective euphemisms is nigh impossible”
0171: “moving, changing beats”
Breaks & Beats Intl.: “A kaleidoscopic musical story. An abstract film score.”

Audible Evolution: “evocative, complex, and ultimately rewarding”
KEXP: “playful, unsettling and startlingly original”
Ultra: “Inventive rhythms dominate the sound picture and define the pace; the mood is subtly created out of patches of ambient noise and jazz, a few well-placed guitar powerchords and swooping strings”
Gajoob: “Explosive ambience? Weaving snatches of cultural plunder amongst heavy, passionate pulses and gyrating undergrooves, Prince Charming's dance atmosphere is a world of its own”
Flipside: “Exploding synergy. Cross trainer pollination ... Enjoyable. Discomforting.”
The Rocket: “It’s great to hear music that is so far out in left field that explaining it to someone requires a run-on string of adjectives so long that when you’re done spitting it all out the person you were trying to explain it to
can’t even remember what you were talking about to begin with.”

Prince Charming does grant occasional interviews to the journalistic elite.
Neophytes are invited to visit for further details.