Mr. Dead

Hailing from the Cypress Hills projects of East New York, Brooklyn (11208), Mr. Dead knows all too well about the trials and tribulations of the ghetto, chickenhead ho's, crack deals, and gun talk. But he also knows there's more to life than "Thug Life." That's probably why his debut The M Virus (WSCD030) as one-half of the duo Metabolics (with sidekick Big Pat), was such a refreshing change from the regular rap fare that clogs the charts these days.

Dead displayed his dizzying verbal dexterity ("Create and Define"), his acute sense of humor ("Stiff Soul Train"), and his ability to get low down and dirty ill ("Issues"). He also flexed his production skills ("Tears of a Clown") and his imagination with a conceptually tight package of banging hip-hop, The M Virus (WSCD030), which infected hedz worldwide.

Creativity, in fact, comes easy to an artist like Dead. When he's not writing rhymes, you can usually find him in the red zone watching horror movies, which are one of his passions. He's also an accomplished make-up artist, whose been responsible for the gore in many Grade-B horror flicks and music videos by the rap act Gravediggaz. In fact, Mr. Dead was introduced to WordSound at the video shoot for Prince Paul's Psychoanalysis [What Is It?] (WSCD010), where he was doing make-up. A ferocious rhyme cipher on the set, during a break, however, proved that Mr. Dead had the skills to pay the bills.

In 2001, after many experiments in the lab, Mr. Dead unleashes his solo project on the world: Metabolics, Volume 2: Dawn of the Dead, (WSCD039)a tour-de-force album which takes you deep, deep into the world of The Dead. Featuring production from Prince Paul, Bimos (who produced much of M Virus), Dan The Automater, Scotty Hard, M. Sayyid (of Anti-Pop Consortium), Spectre, and Mr. Dead himself, the album proves that the M Virus was no fluke and that the best is yet to come.