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WS50: The Video Album (WSCD050) - 10th anniversary DVD
--"The Greatest Thing You Never Heard"
WordSound Dubumentar
--exclusive interview with Bill Laswell
--3 WordSound music videos
--Crooked movie trailer


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WSCD003 Crooklyn Dub Consortium Certified Dope, vol.1 CD
WSCD006 Spectre The Illness CD
WSCD007 Dubadelic 2000: A Bass Odyssey  CD
WSCD008 Roots Control Dread Western Out Of Print
WSCD009 Dr. Israel 7 Tales of Israel Out Of Print
WSCD010 Prince Paul Psychoanalysis: What is it? CD
WSCD011 O.H.M. Grounded to the Inner Current CD VINYL
WSCD012 Crooklyn Dub Consortium Certified Dope, vol.2 Out Of Print
WSCD013 Prince Charming Psychotropical Heatwave CD
WSCD014 Subterranean Hitz, Vol.1 CD
WSCD015 E.O.E. Equations of Eternity CD
WSCD016 Ebne Sync .. CD
WSCD018 The Bug Tapping the Conversation CD
WSCD019 Scarab Secrets of the Past and Future CD
WSCD020 HIM Interpretive Belief System Out of Print
WSCD021 Bill Laswell Meets Style Scott Inna Dub Meltdown Out Of Print
WSCD022 Torture Loaded With Power CD
WSCD023 WordSound 23 Shake the Nations CD
WSCD024 Spectre The Second Coming CD
WSCD025 The Ill Saint Presents Subterranean Hitz, Vol. 2  CD
WSCD026 The Weakener What DO You Know About It Out of Print
WSCD027 Dubadelic Bass Invaders  CD
WSCD028 Equations of Eternity Veve CD
WSCD029 Prince Charming Fantastic Voyage CD
WSCD030 Metabolics The M-Virus CD
WSCD031 Slotek Hydrophonic CD VINYL
WSCD032 Sensational Corner the Market CD
WSCD033 Crooklyn Dub Consortium Certified Dope vol. 3 CD
WSCD034 Scotty Hard The Return of Kill Dog E. CD VINYL
WSCD035 Spectre The End CD VINYL
WSCD036 VARIOUS Subterranean Hitz, Vol. 3 CD VINYL
WSCD037 Sensational Heavyweighter CD
WSCD038 Leon Lamont Breakbeat Mechanic CD VINYL
WSCD039 Mr. Dead Dawn of the Dead Out of Print
WSCD040 Hawd Gangstuh Rappuhs MCs 2Hype2Wipe CD VINYL
WSCD041 CROOKED: The Movie/The Soundtrack DVD & CD
WSCD042 CROOKED: The Original Score CD VINYL
WSCD043 Mentol Nomad/Mentallica CD
WSCD044 Sensational Natural Shine CD VINYL
WSCD045 Spectre Psychic Wars CD VINYL
WSCD046 Teledubgnosis Magnetic Learning Center CD VINYL
WSCD047 Philosophy Major Hypnerotomachia CD VINYL
WSCD048 Crooklyn Dub Outernational Certified Dope Vol. 4 CD VINYL
WSCD049 Various Weapons of Mass Destruction VINYL
WSEP003 MC Paul Barman It's Very Stimulating CD VINYL
BH001 Dr. Israel the good doctor drum'n bass version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" Out of Print
BH002 Sir Positive Black Hoodz' first foreign signing Out Of Print
BH003 Spectre meets Torture on the Other Side EP Spectre and former Jungle Brother Torture Out of Print
BH004 Truck Stop EP 4 tracks from the former members of New Kingdom
BH005 DJ Spooky vs. Spectre The Ill Saint challenges the ubiquitous DJ Spooky Out of Print
BH006 Crazy Wisdom Masters The Payback EP 10" Dime Bag
BH007 Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MC's Black Hoodz Dime Bag 10" Dime Bag
BH008 Outer Space Illegalienz EP 10" Dime Bag
BH009 Anti-Pop Consortium Diagonal Ryme Garganchula EP 10" Dime Bag
BH010 Patric Catani & Paul PM Discovering Steve Hive EP 10" Dime Bag
PS001 Prince Paul Psychoanalysis Limited Edition Poster Out of Print
PS002 Metabolics/Sensational "Play to Win" Poster POSTER
PS003 Subterranean Hitz Poster POSTER
LE001 Limited Edition Prince Paul Single from Psychoanalysis: What is it? Booty Clap Vinyl
LE002 Limited Edition Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs 7-inch Single "Landshawk" b/w "Hello Don't Be Afraid" 7" Vinyl
LE003 Mr. Dead 12-inch single "Spit Somethin'" (produced by Scotty Hard) b/w "Dawn of The Dead" (prod. by Prince Paul) 12" Vinyl
LE004 Spectre/Scotty Hard split 12-inch (incl Prince Paul Remix) 12" Vinyl
TS001 Wordsound T-Shirt Navy or Gray, XL or 2XL XL XXL