Raw Latnem

""Mental War" Every man, woman and child fights the battle between good and evil in their minds. We, the people of Raw Latnem, want to unite the mind of all mankind in hopes of achieving a global understanding of what's just and unjust, logical and illogical, ethical and
unethical. Realizing the force of Hip-Hop culture and it's influence on the world, Raw Latnem decided to be a voice to be respected instead of just a noise to be heard in the life of the have-nots.

Using Hip-Hop as our foundation to reach, preach and teach to the "lost souls all over the world", we deliver deep, message filled, straight truth lyrics over hypnotic, jazzy, old school,
simple Hip-Hop beats. Raw Latnem has a catalog like Ikea - full of down to earth Hip-Hop and informative songs with a wide range of topics. Using and infusing the sounds of life are the PRODUCERS - Lygix and MYwerkz (aka Malik). Junya, Lygix, Malik, Nute, Big Now and Chris Cipher lay the vocals over the tracks. This is the core group of Raw Latnem. However, everyone is a member if your mind is right.

Raw Latnem evolved out of a single man frustrated with the system and the colonialism that runs, oppresses and exploits, for their own personal well-being, the poor and disenfranchised.
With a simple machine and a few ideas, Lygix launched No Options. He taught himself the necessities of making a song and speaking his piece. All the while, his younger cousin Junya was honing his writing skills and would rap his taste over the beats Lygix made. From their days of
endless freestyling and two minute verses, they improved and became motivated to do something different. This would prove to be the foundation for a circle that would grow. Adding and subtracting
while weeding the real from the fake, Raw Latnem would form from the minds of a few feeding off the energy of many. Then later on came another soul.

Malik (aka MYwerkz), moved to Baltimore in 2000 and joined the group in '03. He was making an alternative Hip-Hop record at the time, and had a history putting on shows in New York. Most of his career was spent as a portrait photographer, but he had a secret passion for making beats and spittin' rhymes. He happened to live on the same block as Junya and Lygix. They linked up and they have been recording as a group ever since.

The Mental War is on through the day and night.

Keep your 3rd eye open. The matrix is in your face.