The Ill Saint


Known by a gang of aliases-Disciple of the Dark, Overlord of The Underground, Master of Nothing, The Ayatollah of Ebola, Akhenaton The Heretic--the shadowy figure at the center of the WordSound Multiverse is none other than Spectre, The Ill Saint.

Hailing from parts unknown, and currently in hiding in his subterranean lair, The Temple of Smoke, Spectre is single-handedly responsible for conducting a campaign of BASS TERROR on the mainstream music industry for well over a decade.

It all started out with the Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Vol. 1 (WSCD003) in 1995, a critically-acclaimed compilation that heralded the birth of the ILLbient scene in New York City (specifically Crooklyn). Spectre assembled the consortium for the purposes of causing sonic unrest and bringing certified dope from The Other Side into the country. After 4 volumes, the power and influence of this dub syndicate has spread to include numerous sleeper cells around the globe, who are ready for action at a moment's notice.

Before the dust had even settled, Spectre launched The ILLNESS (WSCD006) on mankind, part one of his Trilogy of Terror that includes The Second Coming (WSCD024) and The End (WSCD035). In addition to being a veritable primer on Bass Terror, these releases also cemented his reputation as one of the deadliest drum programmers around, garnering fans and imitators alike.

After bombing Europe with Parts Unknown and Retrospectre, (on Belgium's Quatermass label) which increased the bounty on his head, The Ill Saint returned to WordSound to drop his magnum opus, Psychic Wars (WSCD045) in 2004.

Spectre is also responsible for the Subterranean Hitz series (volumes 1-3), which did for hip-hop what Crooklyn did for dub, unleashing revolutionary sounds into the atmosphere and spreading the illness throughout the planet. Of course, the Rap Nazis at Fat Beats tried to proclaim these releases as "degenerate art," but many copies, remain, however, which are secretly circulated through underground and studied like lost scrolls.

he Ill Saint is currently at work on his next solo mission, Transcendent, which will be available on WordSound in 2006. He is also collaborating on other projects with various artists. In the meantime, check out the new offcial bootleg, Tunes From the Crypt (WSDD001) available now on WordSound Digital.