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Seven years ago, a mighty sound from the underground hijacked the ultra low-end frequencies of the Crooked city, terrorizing the populace through subversion. Some took heed, while others ignored the threat. Now WordSound brings Bass Terror to the big screen with Crooked: The Movie & The Soundtrack (WSCD041), a one-of-a-kind DVD/CD set, featuring a 2 hour film and its 74-minute soundtrack.

This is not an act, this is actual facts--a film based on real experiences, using real people, shot on location in the Rotten Apple. Crooked follows the trials and tribulations of Sensational, a consummate original and poster child for the underdog, on his quest for major label stardom. The road is rocky, and the truth, often, ugly, but the film celebrates the ingenuity of the creative mind and determination of the independent spirit. Like other classics of sonikcinema--Rockers , Sun Ra's Space Is The Place ,Wild Style, andGhost Dog --Crooked is at once real, surreal, light-hearted, dark, humorous, insightful, campy, edgy, but, above all, a fresh gust of dust for your lens. The documentary feel of digital video coupled with everchanging beatscapes gives you a voyeuristic vision into our crooked world--a world of illusion, but, also, one of endless possibilities.

Sensational's blunted sounddesigns, which anchor the film, are complemented by new and classic tracks from Spectre, Anti-Pop Consortium, Scotty Hard, Mentol Nomad, Bimos, Ish, Leon Lamont and more. You may have heard some of these songs before, but they acquire a new life given their context in the film. Anti-Pop's song, "Sugar Worm" is an exclusive, and Spectre drops 2 new joints in anticipation of his forthcoming album Psychic Wars (WSCD044) later in the year. Mentol Nomad's new track "Fallen Angels" also appears on his solo debut Mentallica (WSCD043), due out later this year. At 23 tracks and 77 minutes, the soundtrack could still not possibly accomodate all of the music in Crooked, so look out for Crooked: The Original Score (WSCD042) coming soon.

For further information please contact Skiz at 410-243-1728.